American girls do you like Hispanic guys? & whats your preference?

I'm very interesting about your answers, be specific please and If you like a date please share your emails to me, only nice and open mind girls thank you ;)!!!


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  • I'm open for dating whoever. Just the ones that I know aren't my type, and they're really disrespectful. I don't care how attractive some may be, but as soon as you start acting like a punk, that instantly makes you unattractive to me.

    • Hmmm Cool! you deserve my respect! thanks for your smart answer, we need more girls like you in this freaky world ;)


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  • Well, I don't mind dating them. I haven't met too many in my area, but if I did then I certainly wouldn't dismiss them.

    • Yes! thats a smart answer never say no, and we are the best man in the world haha ;)

  • This is a dating site?

  • Sorry but they are very controlling. My last one was, and I know a lot who are. So no!

    • mmm maybe you are not lucky with the nice guys but thanks for share your experience to me ;)

    • I have dated 2 and no my experience was horrible. Maybe its because of my area but they all seem the same here. They are attractive though. I'm 1/2 Latina but live an American life no arroz con leche or carne asda here. So I thought it would be alright to comment lol

    • Yes maybe its your area , and its interesting that you dont like steak lol

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