He's pissed because I don't want to do anything sexual with him yet?

He tell each other we trust and love another. He keeps bringing up the idea of trying to explore each other and I keep saying I am not ready and that's my choice, he said he understands. So last night, I called him because I was confused about a text he had sent then we later had a conversation about his sex life and inexperience for two hours, he hopes that I would consider that he is also "inexperienced" and it would change my mind. Today he came all this way to hangout with my family but later he got attitude because he asked how my thinking was going and I said "I'm still thinking but what if it's something you don't want to hear..." he said oh.
He also said it's not about choice and its about me giving so much and nothing in return, so you don't fully trust me? I said I do.
It is my choice and I choose not to do it now, especially since It's only been about 1 and half months. I don't want to fell like trust is going to be an easy access into my pants. He says "you already know I'm not going anywhere". He said he hasn't had sex for four years and he wanted to wait till he was in love, which he says he is with me.
The fact that I rejected him, made him upset. I do trust him, I do love him but I am not ready for that yet. He says he doesn't want to talk about it again because it's too negative and I said too bad.
Why is he like this, I keep saying it's too early, I don't want to just yet. What do I say to him?


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  • If he's trying to force you or waiting for you to say yes already, definitely leave him. Cause in his mind, he doesn't wanna wait anymore. If he really cares & loves you the way he says he does, he'd wait & not pressure you. He's trying to mess with your mind & heart; sex isn't everything in a relationship


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  • make him wait. I want see how long it takes before he shoots somebody...


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  • Absolutely leave him. It sounds to me like he's trying to guilt you into having sex, which is a disgusting thing to do. Who will deal with the consequences when you have sex before you're ready to? Certainly not him. I personally wouldn't even bother with a guy like that. But it's your decision.

  • He sounds like a jerk. No one should rush the other person. You go at your own speed.

  • He sounds retarted. Leave him. He doesn't respect you enough to wait for you. He will probably try and make you feel guilty too for not thinking fast enough or change your mind. Don't fall for his bullshit. If your not ready tell him. If he takes it like it hurts him leave him.