Is my boyfriend thinking twice about things?

Okay I know this might sound silly but my boyfriend isn't texting me back. We've only been dating for like 2 weeks (since 12/13/14) but I really like him. And in those 2 weeks we've only talked in person 1 time and for like only 7 minutes. The only reason why we haven't talked is because we are on vacation but we've texted. He's so sweet, when he asked me out he recorded himself singing my favorite song. It was so sweet and he said he's been having a crush on me for a while now. My point is is that he's one of those romantic guys. And my question is 'is he over thinking things?' I've texted him saying merry Christmas and happy New Years and he didn't reply to either. He's too sweet of a person to ignore me or anyone really but I don't know... At the moment we are on break but I'm scared for when we return which is in a week. Does he still like me? Do you think he's busy? Please help I'm freaking out!! I'm so insecure and I jump into conclusions.


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  • Stay calm... and when you next see him, just ask and say " I was disappointed not to have heard from you over the vacation break. Is everything ok?" Maybe something happened or he was out of town or... you don't know.

  • yea im not sure to be honest. i dont think u can get a good o clear answer. id say heys either really busy, doesn't have his phone, or as u asked thinking twice


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