What do boyfriends expect from their girlfriends?

Me and him have been going out for a month now but I don't know how I'm supposed to act.. we were best friends and now we're a couple.. how should I change to seem more like a girlfriend rather then his best friend? :/


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  • This was my exact situation. Me and him were really good friends. I considered him my best friend. We were best friends for 2 years and he asked me out. The first day was really awkward. The first month was alright. The second month I dreaded because he seemed so distant and he kind of just stopped trying to impress me and compliment me and stuff. We're now on our 3rd month and I absolutely love it :). What fixed it for me was alone time. It was weird in front of our friends so we just kinda of never talked to eachother like a couple. He took me to a big bear trip with his family and I came over to his house twice and now he tells me he loves me and I feel like its a really genuine type of love. Im 15 and so is he. Maybe you guys should go to each others house and watch some movies perhaps? Cuddle on the couch?


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  • The only thing a true boyfriend expexts is from a gf is loyalty and someone he can without a dought trust, the others only expect sex


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  • You should be his best friend. Be supportive And there for him. Know him well
    Affection, that seems to separate it. That doesn't mean sex.. But make him feel loved. Hold his hand, be close.. Ya know