How do you know if a guy really likes you?

I can never tell if a guy really likes me or if he just likes my body and wants to have sex... so I push them all away.


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  • Oh honey, I had the same problem. The best bet for me was to befriend them first. Rare is the guy whi can hide his true self for very long.

    • I think it's always best to be a little friendly first before the dating thing. Less nerves too.


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  • Giggity Giggity Goo want to have sex? Ha just kidding yeah that could be bad you know.

    • lol... umm no thank you quagmire

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  • well most guys meet girls for sex at first, but what you do after you meet them determines what they will do, if you are the type of girl that is easy to manipulate he will use u and make you his sex toy, so what you have to do have sex at least 3 month. If he likes you he will stay with u until then , if he doesn't u will get your answer loud and clearrrr.

  • Selfless acts. Players are selfish by nature. so If the guy watches a chick flick when he wanted to watch an action flick. That is a sorta sign.