Advice on me going to the marines and my relationship with my gf?

Well My ship date is almost here, later this month in fact and I'm heading to bootcamp, I've been with my gf for 6 months and now I don't know if I should put her through all the wordiness and what not and just end it with her, but how could I make it work with her? How often shoudl we write, can't use cells or anything , and could our relationship even survive during these 3 months,? Please and advice from either guys or girls would help.


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  • If I were in your foot steps id think I only have one life im not gonna waste it easily. I love my bae think id pick her over yhe army


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  • For quite a long, long time, men have been going off to war (or other military endeavors) and leaving their girlfriends, wives, families. They did not have cell phones and in many cases had NO phones. Mail was often very sparse and irregular. I was often at sea for months with nothing but that sparse mail. We survived and survived quite well. If you guys are good, you will make it work.