My new girlfriend doesn't want to plan vday with me?

Me and my new girlfriend made it official this past November. Well she has 2 kids and got out of a marraige a while back. She told me ever since her divorce she promise her 2 girls that they will be her valentine every year so every year they do something together. Well she is telling me since we are new she doesn't want me to go with them next month they plan on going on a road trip out of state... I feel sad because she is my girlfriend and want to spend vday weekend with her and the kids. She told me she has been hurt really bad and is uneasy about it and doesn't want to disappoint her kids by not keeping up the tradition. I'm so confused

Were talking about the entire weekend.


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  • And you are sad/disappointed in this... why? Many guys look for this pass and don't get it, you got it and are complaining? lol thats funny
    You don't need some crappy official day to express your love for your girl, I think V-Day is probably the one day I tend not to, to prove a point. As long as you are with her, EveryDay IS Valentine's day. Missing one day out of the year doesn't change anything, you have 364 more V-Days. Oh, you should probably tell her that too.


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  • Kids always get in the way of things

  • she's promised her kids that she would make them come first in her life. how can you actually be sutch a cry baby about that?

  • You are going to have to understand that her kids are her first priority. Either suggest to do something another day or maybe if you are really into this girl and think you might want to marry her, ask if you might join her and her kids on Valentine's day.

    • I suggested and she said no... And they will be gone the entire weekend. I guess its because in the past I had a girl not want to hang out on vday and I found out she was with another guy on vday weekend. That in mind my current gf has also shown some signs she is having 2nd thoughts about us.

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  • What's to be confused about? She told you in advance it's a special day for her and her daughters. Don't get butthurt about it. You could do something with her the weekend before or the weekend after. I'd love to be off the hook for Valentine's day.

  • That kinda sucks! But just plan something nice sometime near Valentine's Day. It's just a day. Showing that you support her decisions, and that you still want to do something nice for her will make both you and her happy! Best of luck!