Would you let your family set you up with someone even though you like someone else?

My family wants me to give this guy a chance because they like him. There is really nothing wrong with him, he is a good looking guy and seems to have a good personality, but I just don't feel anything for him since I already like someone else. Even though nothing is likely to happen with the guy that I like, I don't get why I have to rush into it with someone that I am not sure about. But then I think, maybe I'll grow to like him if I give him a chance.

A part of me is also afraid that this guy is using me just for a green card. It makes me wonder why else he would want me when there are a plenty of other girls back in my country (where he lives). I know that I am overthinking this and that it's not a big issue, but I am a very cautious person. So, I guess I'm just wondering what you guys would do if you were in this situation?

I feel like I've already written too much, so if you need more information, feel free to ask.


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  • Yes. They know me better than me.

    • Lol Thank you for your thoughtful response Error... :-P

      I agree that parents know best sometimes, but it's hard to believe in your case since you seem to have pretty good judgment yourself.

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    • Oh. Right. Thank you for MHO. I gladly take this in place of Bert. May I be an example of his glory.

    • You're welcome! I see that there is great possibility for that in the near future. Lol


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  • nah im good. im not letting anyone set me up, I got this.

    • I feel like I got this too! At least while I am still young.

    • hahaa inorite! I will let friends set me up if im single when im like mid 30s lol.

    • I want to wait till... probably late 20s. I think that is reasonable enough.

  • no way i'd not allow that to anyone. parents aren't allowed to do this

  • No... my father has tried to set me up with his friends rich daughters. I refuse!


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  • I'm in a similar situation. My aunt has this neighbor who has a son that she wants to set me up with. She has been trying for the last couple of years, he seems like he is probably nice. Except for the fact I like someone else and don't want to be set up. I'm only 20, but she has been trying since I was 17/18 with this same guy. Don't let your family set you up with someone unless you are interested. Don't force yourself.

    • That's pretty much exactly what I am going through! Lol It was actually my cousin that mentioned me to this guy, without me knowing. My mom and brother want me to give him a chance. I've told them that I am not happy about this, but they insist.