First date went really well but now she's barely speaking to me, what's going on?

So i went out on a date with a girl at work, we work in different locations for the same company. We speak all day at work and were texting all night, calling each other on the phone etc. things were going really well so we went out for a meal and drinks together last night and it was brilliant, we got on so well, it was much fun, we flirted all night and both had a brilliant time. She text me as soon as she got to her car saying she had a really nice time and can we do it again soon. I replied to her text last night and i've not had anything back off her since and i'm starting to worry that she's not as interested as i thought. Do i have anything to worry about? how should i play things? I really like this girl..


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  • Take it easy man. Why would anyone want to rush a relationship, while wanting one to last for as long as it can


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  • Give her some space, she might be busy or not want to seem obsessive, just be patient.

  • Maybe because there's no just not really a real reply to your last message. Just text in a day or two.


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