Why is he behaving like an ass****?

We have known each other for a year and we started going out 5 months ago. First month was amazing i fell in love with him and then he just went silent on me. We met again after a few months spent time together and everything was fine. Now again he is making excuses when i ask him to meet up and i have to force him to reply back. And I recently asked him "do you still want to see him. say no and you'll never hear from me again". And all he said was he was busy at work for the past one week and will explain himself further but never said anything. I asked him again this week and he said he has plans this weekend with a friend. What in the world does he want? He's not telling me if he doesn't want to see me or if he cares? His behavior is driving me crazy.


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  • His stringing you along is certainly for his benefit and not yours. He likes you enough for an occasional dalliance, but not enough to commit. Sorry about that.


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  • Girl you should honestly quit texting him he's getting tired of you... sadly this happens when guys sees a girl desperate or too needy they get tired really quick and specially if you're forcing him to answer you they hate that I have 5 older brothers and they always taught me about boys and my advice is quit texting him maybe he's nit that into you so why force it? You will find someone in time if you're not looking for him it will just come by itself