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I've never started a conversation with a girl ever because I'm too intimidated to

I want to walk up to someone in the street and get her number but I'm too scared to


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  • I think you're a very shy guy who is going to miss out on a lot of great opportunities (to meet other people) if he does not come out of his shell.

    • It's quite annoying, do many guys randomly begin talking to you in the street?

    • Actually, yes.
      Wherever I am at I get a male admirer or someone willing to talk to me.
      It's quite flattering, especially if I can sense the guy is genuine about what he is saying ,


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  • If your shyness is bothering you, you should get rid of it. This society is not made for shy people or you'll miss a lot of oppertunities (I can relate). I was really shy too, I helped myself with it and now I'm not and now I see what I've missed. All the potential friends, boyfriends, good times etc.


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  • don't ask for numbers if you don't know the girl. you might end up with big black circles on your eyes