Do you have success dating?

I feel like I am sucking at it big time. I have no problems going up to girls and talking to them or asking for their number. Sometimes I send a message, "Hey, it was nice to meet you." or "Hey, nice meeting, want to hang out?" or something on par. It seems like a good number don't reply (fake number?) and others that do text back lose interest.

I am dated ten or twenty girls and maybe twice as many numbers. Seems like I am not going a good job getting them to want to go out with me or have the hots.

Not sure why, I am not unattractive (not gorgeous but not the worst face out there), physically fit (college athelete), tall, make good income, funny, interested.

I am almost exclusively meeting girls on my own in public at train stations, outside, malls, etc.


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  • This line "I am almost exclusively meeting girls on my own in public at train stations, outside, malls, etc."
    makes me worry. Do you meet these "dates" of yours online?

    • No. I meet in public.

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    • No, chicks will text back. I get fake numbers when I meet girls in the bar.

      How else are you going to meet girls?

    • you see them everywhere, you can get them from... everywhere. but like I said, you need tact. I've found out that meeting girls at bars is probably one of the worst ways. the number is fake, she's got beer goggles on, intoxicated... nah, im good.
      so how do you mess it up if they text back?


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  • Same here dude... the success rate of the date depends on the other person if they want to act like an a-hole or not lol it's not your fault, you jsut have to choose better people.

    • How do I do so? It seems like they aren't interested... I mean, I can get a girl's number no problem... but it's like afterwards she is still evaluating me, and I screw it up somehow.

    • well just stay cool, a girl will also try to make you text her only but don't get into that mold, stop texting her too and make her text you too and then tell them they can text you whenever... and then take it slow, have fun, hang out at places (but not too much per week), but if they still aren't interested well... it's not your fault... all of us find out we don't like someone as much as we thought all the time.

  • Define "success".

    • You have one date then two dates and the person you are dating wants to continue with you. Or hell, they want to go out with you at all.

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    • You mean getting married? I just mean being able to hang out...

    • Similar to marriage I guess. Just a lifelong commitment. I date forever or for never. That's what I'd consider "success" in dating cuz that's what I want. It depends what you want, and what you consider success. Hence why I asked "Define success" lol

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  • i'm 100% successful.

    why? because i don't date!!!

    0 successful dates out of 0... so we have 100%!!!

  • no, i'm unattractive