Does it seem like he still has feelings for me?

I started the texting the guy I used to talk to months ago. On new years he was at a mutual friend party, he was flirting with me and I was flirting back. The whole time I'm thinking he still has feeling for me. When the party was over I ask him to walk me to my car which he did, we gave each other a hug and there was a moment when we could of kissed at that moment but we didn't I was nervous too kiss him and I think he was too. Before I drove off he told me to get hold of him. So when I got home I texted him letting him know that I made it home safe. He was letting me know what he was happy that we hung out again and that we need to hangout again soon and he also let me know that he made it home safe too. Ever since that party we have been texting but I have been texting him first, since I have been texting him first I don't know if he still has feeling for me. At the party I really thought he did but now that I am starting the conversation first all the time I don't know. Last night for a bit we talked and that the end of the conversation he texted me saying "Night girl ;) u have a good night. So I thought okay he flirting he said good night back to me okay maybe he does, but I still confused because i'm not for sure. Because it shouldn't matter who text first as long as we are talking right? The question is do it seem like he has feeling for me?


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  • It sounds quite obvious to me that this guy really likes you, just try to chill out a bit (I know it's easier said than done) and even though it never bothered me personally, I know some guys dislike too many texts, or a girl coming on too strong, so perhaps play it a little cooler and stop worrying.


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  • Just talk to him and see where it goes