How do you think attraction works psychological wise?

For partners: do you think people go for the opposite of how they look like? Or the same features

For friends (mainly girls)
Do you think the girls we find really pretty have the same facial structure like us or the same type of attitude or energy they give out (we see this subconiously)


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  • This isn't how I THINK it is like, it's how I KNOW it's like.
    For girls, whoever they find themselves attracted to, for whatever reason, those people are more genetically compatible and more likely to produce stronger offspring. It's all about genetics and evolution here, folks.

    • Nah for me I like men with blue eyes and blonde hair. I'm a nature blonde with hazel eyes.
      For girls i typically am attracted (non romantically) to girls with the same bone structure as me or same personality which goes with looks.

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    • But that's not psychology right?

    • attraction is psychology

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  • I think we tend to like people who are similar to us in matters of personality.

  • You look for people with a few similarities and quite a few differences. Apparently there have been studies that say we also seek out someone that reminds us of one of our parents.

    • That's emotional wise for parents though

  • For the opposite sex we usually like those who are like us or one bit more attractive, otherwise it is usually lust over magazine babes (same goes for guys and girls).

  • Taylor Swift.


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