My bfs talking to his ex?

Okay so my bf has been talking to his ex on fb n I'm not usually the jealous type but I get pretty sensitive when it comes to exes but he doesn't think that they'res a problem with it cause they're still friends n i trust him cause I haven't had a reason not to but is this passing the line? Should I be worried?


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  • It really depends on the relationship they had. If they went out for five years and broke up, like, a month ago and it was because she dumped him, I might look at that with some suspicion. If they dated for a couple of months and broke up some time ago, I'd be less concerned. Exes are usually exes for a reason- you dated the person because there was something you liked about one another and you broke up because there was something about being together that was unsustainable. There isn't something inherently wrong about remaining friends with someone just because you used to date. For some people it also helps a sense of closure to that part of the relationship.

    You say you trust him, so... trust him. I assume he's not trying to hide that he's been talking to her.


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  • He should respect you and not.


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  • Yea, that's not normal. Really don't get how people are getting away with that, because you're not the only one who complains of it but say you don't really mind it. Those guys must have bars.

    • Yeah I don't know I mind the fact that it's his ex n shit but ig it's not a problem to him

    • If you had your exes hanging around it'd probably be a problem suddenly though. Just be firmer with him and let him know it's not acceptable and you won't stand for it. If you don't like it, you can stop it. But if he's allowed to have his cake and eat it, he will.

    • Yeah that's true