Why would the guy I met online and have gone out with twice and text everyday still visit my online profile?

We met online and have gone out twice and text everyday. I got a notification that he visited my profile a day before our next meet up. Does it mean he's having second thoughts? Looking to see if I'm really what he wants? Is it a good thing or bad thing? It's fine if he's on there checking out other people still and keeping options open, but it struck me as odd that he was looking at my profile...


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  • I'd be doing that to get reminders of things you've said you like so I have things to ask you about that I know you like... or other info you have there


What Girls Said 1

  • He is online and still looking around

    • But I mean why look at MY profile? I already talk to him and know him, what is he looking at if for?

    • He wants to see if you are looking around too.
      Don't read into this in a romantic way