He called me cute, but...

well, I've got a guy friend of mine. he's a bit older than me and I've only known him for about a year. sometimes he comes along and starts texting me. usually it's at night. well one time, he said that I say cute things, which I'm guessing he's saying I'm cute. well, I tell him that he made me blush and he's all like really? good ;) well guess what he's been doing l8ly? not texting me unless I text him first. what's going on? I'm really wondering here...

well actually, he's just recently txted me again, but it's been like 2 weeks since the last time he's texted me, so I'm kinda all "echish."


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  • he probably lost his phone, where did I put mine anyway? I have a super similar problem except suddenly she stopped texting me or I had bad service.you should ask him out because the same thing happens to a lot of girls,(don't base this answer on the expert points because I just joined) but I have done this too ( the reason you ask him out is because if he responds suddenly then you can set a date up and talk in person so he can't stop talking like he was on his phone) , when he says your cute he means it a lot even if you say cute things. he is probably dreaming of you at night if your really cute to him.

    if you say cool beaners, coolness, or something then he probably thinks of you as a girl that can beat a guy up ( tough girl or tomboy) if you play volleyball and have the atheletic look. if a guy calls you a tomboy then he means it in a very very complimenting way. so don't get offended. but he also probably lost his phone and can't find it, like me. if he asks you to a mall or something go unless you really can't not because you don't feel good just to avoid him. he will lose interest and stop talking to you.


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  • this sounds bad, but (I know I'm like this) he found someone hotter or someone he's more into.


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  • honestly I'm guessing he is the type of guy that likes that attention... I have a feeling that he has his own life and loves it and when he's bored that's when he will txt you because you will flirt with him and/or make him feel good about himself... guys like that but can sometimes take advantage of that because they know girls go crazy when a boy comes after them espicially if they are older.. so maybe if you play hard to get with him then he will see how you work... but if you don't want to then just let him be and if he is interested then he will come around more often... guys always do