My gf says she needs time apart but says she still loves me?

Ok my gf and I have been arguing yesterday and she told me that she needs time apart from me because she doesn't want to see me or talk to me. She says that i was being an asshole for the last three weeks and that she wants time apart. I told her if she she wanted to break up. SHe sad no she wants time from me. I also asked her and she says she still has feelings for me. That she loves me but she can't be around me right now. What does this mean? Please help. =/

Should I go after her after a week or let her come to me?


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  • Pfft. When someone says that they are just being cruel. Either she wants to date you and work together on the relationship or not. If she wants to stop seeing you and talking to you then don't wait around, tell her that's a break up and if she wanted your relationship to work she would spend time with you trying to do that, not spend time away from you.


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  • She wants to talk to other guys.

    • Any experience on this? I was thinking same thing