I've been texting a girl for a week 2 weeks, but she never texts first. Is she not into me?

We met on new years and had sex that night, but haven't seen each other since.

Pretty frequent texting but she never asks questions back. And sometimes I'll get like short replies like "yup yup~" or Nope Nope ~


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  • How frequent are texts being exchanged? If it's an ongoing conversation she may not think there's a first/second deal going on and is rather just participating in one long conversation. If there are definite pauses and new conversations being struck up by you only, she may be trying to remain cool and breezy. Being only a week and a half after the New Year, it's too early to say that she's not into you and is only being polite though that is a possibility. How long are you letting things "go cold" before deciding to text her again?

    • I've asked her to dinner this week and she rescheduled, which I totally get. But most of the times she doesn't ask questions back. She also takes her time texting (something I also have no problem with)

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    • Should I not text her for a a few days to see if she text first? See if she's actually into me

    • If I were you I'd stop texting for about 24 hours and see if she responds. If she doesn't get back to you within a day, she's not that into you. At some point during the day virtually no matter what she'll have a sliver of time to shoot off a text to you and if she doesn't make that effort, she's not thinking of you during the day, keeping her phone on her in case she gets a text. Don't tell her why you'll be gone either because otherwise she'll wait for you to get back to her. If she doesn't text you, no matter how hard it is, I'd just let her go at that point because she's probably just being polite and doesn't want to hurt your feelings but it's a waste of time and energy. If she does text you, that probably means she is interested and is just trying to make you work for her. Just beware if she does text you but doesn't go out for you for weeks on end... she could be bored or looking for a confidence booster and just kind of gets in the habit of texting you for that purpose.


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  • I personally believe she just was into you for a sexual fling.

  • How much texting?

  • She wants you to take control and text first. If you text and she replies then she is into you.


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  • Not always, sometimes some people just don't make the initiation.
    I have that problem and it frustrated the hell out of my past girlfriends and girls I dated.

  • She may still be into you. Often times, girls don't message first.