Sex then no text? Guys why you do this?

Guysssss, why you do this lol!! :(
I'm not naive I probably knew this was coming but this guy has been tryna get Ito my pants for a while..
We were speaking all day every day, now since he left mine, nothing.

It's so shit lol.. Like I know it wasn't bad sex or anything, he definitely had a great time lol but it's so annoying that guys can just disregard you once they get what they want.
Like I don't even want a relationship or anything with this guy, it's just common curtosy lol.


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  • Yeah not nice of him, maybe.
    Give him some time.
    Beginning a relationship with sex is usually petty empty.
    Couples usually want to see each other for sex yeah, but waay more than that.
    If you like him then reconnect.
    He might like that.

    • Can I just say you always seem to have genuinely helpful comments, thank you. :)
      To be honest I only wanted sex too, just would've been nice to get respect afterwards even with 1 text haha.

    • Thank you for your kind words. :))
      Still, sex is important, especially at our age, it just isn't the entire package.


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  • Why is it common courtesy to text right after if neither of you were in a relationship? He got what he wanted and you got what you wanted (which was sex) so why is there a need for something more?

    • Not right after but within 2-3 days.. I get what you're saying but for me it's just respectful, even if he never sees me again.

  • A man's version of "Common Courtesy" is leaving people you don't want to string along alone.

  • i'd always still communicate with them... bit mean just using girls!

  • All i can say it, not all guys are like that

  • "Like I don't even want a relationship or anything with this guy" What do you want?

    I can't really explain why some guys do this, if I find a girl attractive and we have good sex I'm going to (at the least) want to do it again.

    • I've no doubt he'll text me next weekend when he has a free house haha. I'm fine just having sex lol but to just go from blowing up my phone daily to nothing once he finally got sex was a dick move.
      I think I just wanted to rant to be honest hahah.

  • we want to be relaxed

    • 'Cheers for a nice night' would've been fine lol !

    • no its impossible for a boy who doesn't love you enough :) If I have sex with my lover I never sleep after sex! I always kiss and cheer her. I think your partner thinks you are a bitch !

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  • Not all guys are like that. Plus I'm not trying to call you stupid or anything but I'm pretty damn sure that even before he got what he wanted its obvious he'd give you signs on what it is he wanted and you were dumb enough to give into it. Next time dont! That way you won't have to deal with these types of situations. Wish you the best!