Interesting/fun ideas for dates in big cities?

I live in Toronto and I'm so bored of dinner dates and movie dates. What are fun date ideas for people who live in big cities?


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  • What I did Toronto was wander the city. XD get lost but at the same time find some interesting things to do with my girl.

    last time we ended up going down yonge street and wandered till the end of the street which overlooked the edge of a giant lake.

    There was an awsome Farmers Market and also that cool Ship that's actually a sea food restaurant.

    Anyways long story short, you can just wander around the city since if you do get lost, just find a TTC that leads to the subway and it's an easy to find your way back home.

    Or! Road trip to Montreal or Niagara Falls, or New York.

    that's also freaking fun to do too


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  • Check the event listings in NOW online. tske a chance on stuff that might be good. Not the end of the world if it's not.

    Museums galleries zoo... Pretty cold to walk outside but can go pavilion to pavilion. New Ripleys aquarium.

    There's other stuff scattered around. Indoor glow in the dark mini golf etc.

  • go to the playground and have a ride on the seesaw with your bf

  • Activities. Sports complexes. Tourist vantages.

  • I live in toronto too (well, im not there currently but that's where my home is) and I think seeing baseball games at the skydome, or basketball games at the rogers center is pretty neat. Visiting the Rom with someone also can be fun.


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  • You can walk around the Distillery District, check out Harbourfront, go to amusement parks, go to the ROM or AGO, go to a play or show or the ballet, go to a drive-in movie, go skating at Nathan Phillips Square, go wine-tasting, go hiking if the weather is decent, do a tourist-y bus tour of the city just for fun, go to a jazz/piano/karaoke bar and have a great time... it's impossible to be bored in Toronto.

  • I have been to Toronto, Niagara, also Quebec city.
    Nice people, nice culture.
    I live in California so there is lots to do.
    In spite of LA, I'm really not urbanized.
    If I do city hopping, like to Chicago, or NY, we do the museums.
    I love them, there are no 2 alike.
    As a family we belong to the Smithsonian.
    Love it there.
    Pretty new Air and Space museum out at Dulles.
    I'm amazed every time I go.