Boyfriend possibly talking to other girls? Which means he doesn't put as much time or effort into talking to me?

My boyfriend and I have been talking less for these past weeks. We're in a long distance relationship. There's been less frequent phone calls and texts between us (on his part).

I suspect that this may be because he's talking to other girls. I have no doubts that I'm his number one and that he loves me, but it could honestly explain why he's not spending as much time talking to me. Like I said, I don't doubt that he loves me and know he isn't cheating. But there are little clues that have led me to believe this.

If this is happening, how can I ask or find out in a way that doesn't make me seem clingy? I don't care if he's friends with other girls, but I don't like the idea that those new friendships are taking away from the amount of time we spent talking to eachother before. Preferably, I would like him not to talk to any girl but me but obviously that's very controlling and unrealistic. What can I do about this?


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  • You could ask him what he's been up to since you last talked to him. Give him a detail or two about your day, then ask him. If you make it appear nonchalant, you'll have more luck. And if he asks why you're so interested, say that you care about him and his life. You want him to be okay. :3 that, in theory, should help him open up. Maybe even ask if he has made any new friends (but don't specify women, that'll make him think you are thinking of him negatively).

    If he is talking to other girls, what will you do? Or, a better question, what do you WANT to do? If you trust him enough to let these other girls slide, that takes a lot of courage (I respect it). Just talk with him about how uncomfortable you might feel. You do have to be honest with him, like he should be with you. If he starts asking so many questions, that you feel like you're evil for even bringing it up, or if he starts saying negative things towards you, then he may be hiding something, or not being completely honest with you about other possible girls (or he just gets pissed off super easily).


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  • ask him what he's been up to lately cause you noticed he hasn't been so talky lately.


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  • Ask and see if he will be open. He shouldn't have anything to hide if he loves and cares bout you. Anyone can pretend to be honest but if you know him you will know of he is saying the truth. I hope everything is fine. :)