Why do guys go all quite day after sex?

Dating a guy last three months it is very very serious he wants to get married soon . He is shy when it comes to his emotions he blushes when I tell him how I feel about him lately he is beginning to open up to me more and show me his emotions our sex is amazing but after our nights together the next day I hardly hear from him why do guys do this?


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  • he probably took his batteries out to recharge.


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  • I'm really fighting the urge to make a wildly inappropriate joke.

    Odds are he's just "recharging", since the guy is shy (And I am too) I just don't really want people knowing some of this stuff. A shy, or more apt - a private guy, has to remind himself that in a relationship you don't just keep all this stuff to yourself. It passes in time.

    And I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I have to make the joke.
    - Well you don't want her finding out it was you.

    • I know for a fact there isn't another woman if thats what ur so called joke was

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    • Explain please then

    • Why do guys go all quiet the day after sex?
      - Well you don't want her finding out it was you.

      Implying that she was not aware who the person having sex with her was.

  • he's on a sex hangover, i'm sure especially if it was amazing

  • To really understand this you should check studies concerning courtship behavior before in relation to how recent the last sexual activity was.


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