I'm so ashamed of myself I don't know how to get over it?

I did everything wrong, chased begged and pleaded with a man who didn't like or love me all the time he was pretending he did.. he got nasty called me all names like I'm ugly, fat, slut, no one cares for me, had a laugh at different parts of my body, humiliated me to other girls, and I still begged like a dog.. Now I look back at my behaviour I'm ashamed of myself and I'm scared to fall in love again also scared to let another man touch me in case he does the same thing. I know people say get over it or offer words of comfort but at night I'm lonely and I cry reminding myself I'm inferior and not worth anyone's time. I'm kinda anti social and when a man speaks to me I'll be ok but later I'll remember what was said by him and withdraw into myself.

I just want to be happy but because I wear my heart on my sleeve I don't know how to

give me tips on how to move forward if anyone can that take things to heart and give me tips then that would be appreciated


It's like When he said I wasn't good at sex and he couldn't feel anything, I think we'll others won't enjoy it so what's the point?


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  • Stop doing this: I cry reminding myself I'm inferior and not worth anyone's time. All you're doing is reinforcing his ill treatment of you and it's forming a belief. What he said was one man's opinion, it wasn't true and you know it. Just about everyone has acted in such a way as to bring shame or disappointment socially and personally. Everyone has done something their not proud of, don't make a bigger deal of it then it is. Extreme emotions is what imprints information on the brain, the more extreme you make what happened the more it will affect you long term, if you want to overcome it, remember it was about him , he was projecting his lack of self worth onto you because he knew he could, he chose you for that reason, so he could abuse you to feel better about himself. If you want you can message me, I work as a coach for women and will help you move forward from this.


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  • Just follow me.. Read my questions... I already raised this issue of girls... Recently I have posted one question of same nature!!!

  • Eh, it's probably the best thing for you to visit a professional therapist, he'll be able to help more than we.


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  • It would be insanely difficult and frustrating to be in that situation, and it sounds like it might continue to be that way. It was a bad situation for you, but you shouldn't be ashamed for fighting for what you want. That's another way that you can look at it. You just wanted him to like you back, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    • He thought there was im now considered crazy, pyscho, a creep and humiliated me into the bargain... I'm becoming reclusive because I'm worried I bump into him and he humiliates me even further.. any more it's going to push me over the edge.