Girls, if you are dating a guy and you have gotten to the point where you have sex with him, how would you prefer the guy to continue his approach?

So you are dating a new guy, and lets say its quite early in the dating phase, regardless how you approach each other in the beginning, if the guy is straight forward with his intentions or if he is using push and pull to keep it mysterious.

If you like him and finally decide to have sex with him, how would you prefer the guy to continue his approach? Should he continue being vague with his intentions about wheter he likes you or if he wants a relationship, or is it okey for him to start being more open about what he wants with you? And lets say if he was straight forward from the beginning with his intentions and you where still attracted to him and decided to have sex with him, would you want him to continue being straight forward afterwards or would you prefer him to pull back a bit and let you question his intentions to keep it interesting and mysterious?

So basically its if you want a guy who is a challenge and mysterious vs a straighforward guy, however im just wondering if your feel like there is any need for a chase after you have already had sex with him, or if the "rules" change for you after that to keep the attraction alive.

want some more opinions please!
more opinions please


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  • For me I prefer being straightforward. If you're in it for sex, say so. In it for arm candy, say so. My last "boyfriend" and I use that term loosely wined and dined me until he got the sex, then started ignoring me except for the occasional wham-bam-thanks... Only to call me up drunk one night to cry over breaking up with his girlfriend? Yeah. I prefer straightforward, thanks. I have a better relationship with my fuck buddy than I ever did with a boyfriend. Probably because I choose idiots.


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  • If he is vague I will eventually leave him if I feel he isn't taking me seriously.

  • If he is vague after we have had sex I would get hurt tbh, and I would probably not see him again. Doing that makes him look like a douche in my opinion. Be open!

  • Honesty and straight forward is always best!


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