When a guy shares his first kiss with you?

Girls do you find it cute when a guy shares his first kiss with you or looses his v card to you? Is this a major turn on? Or off?


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  • i think it is very genuine and a quality not to be taken lightly, whomever you share that with had better respect you, my new boyfriend is a virgin and I'm experienced I want him to wait longer and he is fine with that, I want to wait until we are in love, I wouldn't call it cute it shows maturity to me because in some cases the guy has waited for someone he really wants to share that with

  • I guess it depends on how old you are but I know when me and my ex shared our first kiss I felt incredibly lucky and special because I knew that no matter what happens he and I would always remember our first kiss. I wouldn't know about the v-card seeing as I still have mine but I would imagine that it would be the same as a first kiss because no matter what you will always remember your first time and who it was with.


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