Where the is the best place to meet women who don't drink?

Iersonally don't drink and therefore never go to a bar. I am a bit of a nerd of sorts, and most people just tell me that I can meet them anywhere I would normally go. This however has led only to meeting those that are taken and just there with their SO I have met very few single women in my stomping grounds.

So generally I am looking for a down to earth girl who isn't all country or all city, who likes being outdoors for hike, bike, picnic, or motorized (ATV) fun, as well as indoor stuff like board/video games movies etc.


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  • On the job is still one of the most common places for couples to meet after they are out of school/college. Other than that it can be pretty much anyplace. It sounds like you are into outdoor activity, so look for a local outdoor group that does hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing, photography outings, etc.

    When I was younger I was a member of the youth hostels that had regular outings. My brother has been with an adult outdoor group for years and met single girls there.

    Also, even if you aren't in college, you might consider taking a cheap class at a community college. I don't know how they work in Canada, but in the states you can take a single class for a reasonable price. Like take a PE class which are 1 unit so cheaply priced. They usually have a variety of dance classes, coed gymnastic, volleyball, bowling, swimming etc. Regular academic classes are also a great place.

    Look for city sponsored outings. Those are usually one time events, but the same people tend to go to a lot of them. Like in my area there will be a maple syrup hike coming up real soon. With a pancake breakfast afterwards, real maple syrup, and a fire in the fireplace. The nice thing about these events is that they tend to be like-minded people who are cool. Where I live the city and county sponsor all kind of events and classes.

    There are all kind of places. You just have to use your imagination and think of all the groups out there. Could be a photography group, historical society, environmental group, political groups, amateur astronomy groups (which probably have a really nice club telescope better than anything you're likely to use otherwise).


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  • I imagine somewhere outside the bar...

  • the desert