Nice guys finish last but so do nice girls?

Everyone's heard the saying "nice guys finish last" but is the same true for the nice girls?

I know other girls who talk about how guys do really sweet things for them like taking them out to very nice dinners, or to a romantic hotel get away. They'll send these girls flowers, cards, gifts, etc. Take them on really classy dates and all.

Then these girls just blow it off as nothing and actually expect this stuff from all guys so then it isn't nearly as valuable. Most the time they have no intention of being with the guy long term, and have even cheated on him in one way or another.

Meanwhile all I do is right by the guys I date but I find myself covering the tabs or being asked if I'm paying my half of the bill. Not that I expect any man to do those luxury things for me, ever, but if he did I'd be very happy, appreciative, and grateful.

I just don't understand why such ungrateful women get such nice treatment from men?

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  • I completely understand where you are coming from. For me personally it is because I just bad at picking the girls that I date. But I have gotten a lot better identifying women like that. I personally treat them well because you don't know they are like that at first it takes time before you figure that out. Just be patient because there are guys out there looking for girls like that me being one of them.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I'd just like to say that neither nice guys or girls finish last.

  • That's a matter of opinion really.

  • there has to be a happy medium. Nice guys do finish last I know, Im the last one in the pack...

  • Being too nice is a character flaw, you can't be a pushover all the time.


What Girls Said 1

  • I personally would not respect neither nice girls or guy.

    Don't just expend your time/efforts/money into gifts, holidays and all that jazz for a random no one just because on the first impression they are nice. Your heart is worth far more for you to be handing it out like a lollipop stick to a hot and seemingly nice stranger.

    Take time and let someone show you they are worth your time and your respect, don't put up with bitchy/abusive behaviour because you deserve more THEN expend your efforts- thats my definition of good/morally right. And that is what I respect not nice not bad but good.