Is it weird to be tired of dating and approaching girls?

I recently got done dating this one girl for like two and a half months. She was so flaky that we only went on two dates during that time. She would go two weeks and then message me back with an apology. I finally got tired of her wasting my time and said forget it. It's so exhausting dealing with these girls that the thought of approaching any other girl just isn't appealing anymore. The problem though is I'm already 25 and still a virgin. I just don't want to end up being 32 years old and never even had sex yet. What do you guys think?


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  • Be more fixated on finding someone you enjoy being with at the age of 32 rather than still being a virgin. I would trade any amount of sex for that. The girl that you went out with was a waste of time for sure. But that is all dating is. It's for finding someone you enjoy being with. The instant someone doesn't fit your needs, drop them like you did. That girl didn't think you were a great match, so is life. Be active, socialize and continue to date. But this time don't get so hung on one girl, you'll find one that you truly like.


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  • Definitely not


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  • Makes me tired just thinking about it.