Do I have to tell him I have an eating disorder?

I really like this guy I recently met and we get along great and he's been very open about his interest in me, but I have had a bad eating disorder for 12 years and am afraid of how he react if he ever found out. All of my friends know and it's not something I care enough about to hide, but now I'm changing my thinking and kinda do want to keep it secret from him cuz I don't want to have to deal with it and I like the idea of seeing what it's like to pursue someone and potentially even wind up with someone who doesn't know and doesn't hover over me about food constantly. I want to know what it's like to be treated like a normal person, but worry that my omission could lead to him looking down on me later for never mentioning if he was to ever piece it together. Thoughts?


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  • It's not really his business right now. He's not a serious bf just a guy you like and may end up dating in the future. Don't feel u need to disclose private info like that to just any guy just Bc ur talking


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  • Eh, tell him and get it over with. If he can't handle it then you dodged a bullet.

    • But why do I have to tell him? Why can't I just let it ride out and experience what it's like for someone who isn't sick?

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    • No it really wouldn't. I dated a guy four years before finding out he used to be an extremely siuicidal person who was labeled a flight risk and it honestly didn't change how I felt about him at all

    • That's not the same thing. That doesn't require care.

  • You don't have to tell him, but you shouldn't hide it from him. People are allowed to have secrets.


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  • u can tell him... if he really like you and assumed that u are his friends, he won't mind even though u have eating disorder, because he's pure accepted u just the way u are, but if he start to stay away, well, i think he just have friends with u because some reason... good luck!!