Should I ask this girl on a date or something, or move on (A girls opinion would be greatly insightful, but guys are welcome to answer as well)?

Welcome to Chateau Confusion. There's this girl I have a crush on, I'm not sure whether she likes me back or not and the going back and forth is beginning to drive me crazy. So we met about two weeks ago, and she seems to enjoy talking to me. The first night we met we hung out and studied together for a class we have (we're in college). She also seems to pay a lot more attention to me than anyone else in the class, even though she does pay some attention to other people. The back and forth levels of attention she pays to me are what make me think she doesn't like me. However, the hanging out immediately and other stuff makes me think that she might. I asked her to come hang out and study with me tonight for a test we have, and she said yes but that might not mean anything. I don't know what to think anymore and need help. What should I do? Does it seem like this girl likes me? Am I crazy? If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?


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  • That last question though. Ha. But if you do like her go for it. The worst she could do is say no. But if you aren't sure if she likes you ask her as just friends and see how it goes from there. Some girls aren't as obvious about there intentions so you would probably want to gives her hints that you find her attractive. Good luck though.


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  • Dude I've got the same problem here.
    But I've got a solution here. Do you text her? Try texting her and then don't text her for a few days if she really likes you in 2 days she'll text you back.
    Wish you the best.


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  • I don't know what to tell you guy... It's fifty fifty. You should flirt more with her to see her reaction. I mean you're in college for Christ sake. :-P

  • Girls and guys accept invitation from the people they are interested in.
    Mixed signals, according to psychology, are given unconsciously when we feel that our attention/interest is not being reciprocated. So, it is a good indicator that she is interested! Else, she would be completely indifferent to you! I risk to say all girls want the guy to make the first move, do the pursuing, you know... so, you have her green light now. Just take it from there :) good luck!


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