Why does a guy make plans for a second date he doesn't want to follow through with?

I was talking to a guy and he asked me on a coffee date. When we went he kept eye contact, smiled a lot, asked me a lot of questions, seemed very interested and it went very well. Afterwards he texted me and asked me if I would see him again, I said yes and we texted for the rest of the day. That night I said to let me know the next day when he was available. He never did and a couple days later I texted him and he responded with very short, uninterested responses so I stopped and haven't talked to him since. I just don't understand why he would take the time out to ask me to hang out again if he was uninterested, couldn't he have just not talked to me?


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  • he probably found some other chick he likes better and just lost intrest


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  • either something happened to him or he's just a player. don't waste energy thinking about that, if he's genuine he'll apologize and ask you out again.