He is moving way too fast... how do I get him to slow down?

Just started dating this guy (been out three times, no kissing or any of that). He is already stalking me on Facebook, texting me dozens of times a day, sending me love songs from YouTube; even texted me that he went out a bought an RV for us to travel together in. I am SO not ready for something that serious. I keep saying 'slow down' but he doesn't seem to get it. He is telling people that I am the best thing that's ever happened to him. I'm on a totally different path! Not even sure I want to date him. What is the best way out, without sounding like a b! t¢h or breaking his heart?


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  • Just tell him lol talking works miracles on relationships.

    • Oh, that was the first thing I tried! Common sense, right? All he says is "Sorry, I can't help myself, I am so in love with you" (hardly knows me!). :/

    • If he fails to communicate then be fails as a partner. End the relationship

  • Invite him to karaoke... and then tell him to slow down...



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  • I think you should be happy a guy likes you that much. Honestly its hard to find guys who are loyal and he sounds like he's that kind of guy. Just whatever you do don't walk away from him. I promise he's a keeper. A guy once acted that way to me but I didn't see what I had until it was gone and now I miss it. Unless you REALLY don't like him and REALLY don't see a potential future with him then maybe tell him you want to slow things down. And if you stay with him for a while and your sure he's not the one for you then leave him but I thin you should make the best out of what you got and I think its really sweet he likes you a lot :)