I always seem to sell myself short when talking to girls. How can I prevent this?

Like for example a girl ask me what I do or i'll somehow slip it into the conversation and I never seem to elaborate enough so it always sounds like I have a crappy job. People have always told me I'm very humble and I know for sure I don't go around and toot my own horn and brag about myself. How do I make myself sound more successful to girls? Like I said I don't usually brag and I'm cringing writing this. haha Do I just elaborate more? Should I make more job sound more exciting then it really is?


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  • In my opinion, you don't need to brag. The women that care about your position and title aren't the ones you should go for. The women who take the time to get to know you outside of what you do for a living are the ones you should go for. Sounds cliche, but it's true! Perhaps if she asks details about what you do, then go right ahead and tell her.


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  • Hmmm... What do you do? And how do you say it to them? Maybe seeing it side by side can help us determine where you are going wrong or if you are.


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  • I hear you, man. I do the same thing. Don't want to set her up for disappointment. Not necessarily a bad thing unless you're habitually putting yourself down.