What's it like to be with someone that plays online fps like literally their every free moment?

I'm actually pretty big into video games, but it's been since I was a kid that I was ever able to play them for like 8-10 hours at a time.

Now, or really ever since adulthood, I can only play a few hours TOPS, and it's not every day. It can be every day that I play, but not for that long each time.

Obviously there's a lot of people out there like this guy im wondering about. He plays a first person shooter. For years. And he plays for hours and hours every single day. He's very sweet and intelligent. He's also been single a while. I have to wonder if the game is why.

What are these kinds of people like to date? I simply do not know first hand. And again, I'm someone that enjoys gaming. I can't imagine playing as much as he is. I can't wrap my head around it because I need a break an nothing holds my interest for years hours a day like that.


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  • He just likes too much these games. Maybe he's even a little addicted. I like playing but I also don't play this much and I normally play more than just one game. And well, I can't actually answer this question because I haven't been with a person like that so far.


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  • I'm a casual gamer myself and I've dated two hardcore gamers. Its a fun interest to share cause you can play together and talk about it but, honestly, if they play that much it can be a very bad thing. They end up choosing the games over you when things get hard. Its almost like they have a relationship with the games that you have to end up competing with. Both guys I dated ended up being more interested in playing their games then spending time with me over time. So be warned that this could happen to you. Plus, if he plays that much, this means he isn't spending his time doing more productive things like working, exercising, or more importantly, spending time with you.

  • My boyfriend is like you, he loves video games but doesn't spend entire days playing them, just a little every day, but he has a friend that literally ALL HE DOES is play league of legends, and to me, that's a big turnoff, I'd never date someone like that.