Guys are ever so confusing sometimes?

So this guy i like... said he likes me, BUT, he has a girlfriend, i told him i am not going to make him choose but he said he chooses me. That was 5 days ago... i haven't seen or heard him... what the hell do i do?


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  • Here's the thing. Guys don't take hints all that well. Something you say that you think is common sense, he may not get. Girls tend to over think things so just go with the flow. If he chooses you, make sure he is done with his girlfriend first. You don't want to be that girl. also make sure he means it. Tell him how you feel and what you expect him to do in order to be with you. Make sure he knows what you want out of it and then go from there. Sometimes guys need a little while to think things through. Give it time. And if he isn't ready to commit to whatever you want out of the relationship, them make sure you get out of there because you don't need that in your life.


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  • Disregard since he hasn't done anything.

  • Maybe he thought you don't like him as much as he does. Help him out.


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  • Ahhhhhhhhh.
    Love in the winter.
    You are beautiful no matter what.
    Keep your ears and eyes open.
    You're in a wonderful learning period, but filled with angst.
    Date around, have fun, be careful about the sex because it's coming if not already there.
    Stay tight with your family, and love the boys.
    they are very immature at this age, of course that's why we like them so much.