Is the guy checking my sincerity level with him?

There is a male class fellow of mine who always bestowed secret glances upon me. I began to like him and confessed it after a while. He did not reject me but just told me to wait & give him some time. I even said to him that he is a beautiful person and he said to me so are you. I said I may not be but you are. He replied me back "Not may.. You are." I have noticed few strange things within him as if he is checking my sincerity level by often asking me to help him in his projects but in the end always completes his projects himself the pther day. Today asked me pages from my register when he already had few pages in his own register at the back to write down something. Even that day he left his bag to me when he left for administration. And called me me to fetch him his keys from his bag (with my gifted keychain hanging in) though he was not that far and could have easily come to take the keys himself. I have a feeling he likes me back. What you guys think. What is he upto?


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  • he is testing you , keep it up and get closer. he seems to be hurt from someone and he doesn't want to be hurt again , so he's testing you and can't wait for you to show your acceptance more and more , he wants to see you all the time. just get closer.


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  • he is upto nothing, just considers you a friend


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