How should I ask this girl out that goes on my bus? I'm In 7th grade and I don't know what to do?

Hey guys, There is a super cute girl on my bus that i want to take out on a date, I was thinking about going to a theater and watching Project almanac with her. I think she likes me, but I'm not sure. She is super nice and we both can dance well. I'm going to tell you a little about my self. I have blond hair and i wear an irish beret everyday. Lots of people love my hat by the way. I'm mainly a gamer/Explorer. I love Parkour and video games. I am a very talkative person and i enjoy reading good books. I can play piano and i also wear glasses.
Should i ask her to the movies? I Just don't know what to do. I don't think i have the audacity though. Should i just yolo it and hope for the best? Also could someone comment what i should say to her?
That would be so incredibly amazing if someone could help me. It would warm my heart.

Also I think that i don't want to take her to the movies. I won't talk to her as much and we won't really have a connection. But I was thinking abouting going out for ICE CREAM at a frozen Yogurt plae like Yo Plateau! Do you guys think that is a good idea?
Should i pay for her Ice cream?
Should i tell her to limit her self if i pay for it?
How much ice cream should i get so i don''t look like a slob?


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  • Lol omg. I loooooove that movie, well, not the movie, the preview lol. I want to see it so badly. I think you should GO GOR IT! xD


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  • Oh my gosh this is so pure and adorable.
    I say be up front and honest (girls very much appreciate honesty) but don't be too overbearing. Ask her out to something public and casual, like skating or food or something. I wouldn't recommend a movie, since you don't really get to know a person while staring at a bit screen, but I bet you could find something she likes. Find out her hobbies. If she's artsy why not go to a museum together. Even if it's a really dull museum, you can maybe joke around and make her laugh. The most attractive person is someone who can find humor in anything.

    Good luck sweetie, and if it doesn't work out remember that you're really young!

  • you guys could go out for ice cream yes but I'm almost 17 and I've never had a boyfriend, don't rush anything because most girls don't like to feel pressured or anything, if she likes you then sure go for it but be yourself and be nice and all that obvious stuff.

  • Well you're in 7th grade don't ask anyone out just enjoy being a kid

    • YEah but I don't really think i can do that, you see I really thought at first Girls are stupid boys are cool i don't want one. But years later i realise that you ladies matter oh so much to me, snatching my heart with your love :). And i just want to feel loved by more than my family. Your probably like 14-16. And you probably all ready have a girlfriend.

    • I'm 14 and no I don't have a boyfriend but if you really wanna ask her out go ahead but be cool not cheesey

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  • Yeah, ask her out. Don't be too cheesy or anything, just make it clear that you like her when you ask. If she likes you too, and she is ready for boys, she will go with you. Keep in mind that she will be as afraid of you when you ask, as you are of her. Hope this helps!

    • I appreciate your help. And i hope that im not TOO cheesy with nachos. I just hope it works out.