Is it possible to realize I'm in love when I am away from my girlfriend?

Me and my gf have been together for 2 months. I'm 17 she's 16 and we go to the same school so i see her pretty much every day! And on weekends we usually hangout for hours at least one of the days and cuddle and kiss and chill. Today I didn't see her that much at school cause we were both very busy with ISU's and stuff. I will see her again tomorrow and we are going skiing but we won't have any alone time. Just the fact that we won't have alone time for about a week kills me on the inside. Is it weird that i think i'm realizing I might be falling in love as i think about not being able to see her much this week?


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  • Of course! I did that over Christmas break! Granted, I don't have a boyfriend, but there was this guy I had a bit of a crush on right before school was out, but over the break, I found myself kind of missing him and wishing I could go back to school and really see him again, almost as if I started liking him a lot AFTER we left. So if you really start to miss someone when they're gone, I think it's a sign that you have feelings for them EVEN BIGGER than you have thought.


What Guys Said 1

  • No, it's not weird. I'd even say it should be this way.