I don't want to stay at my boyfriends house?

I've been with my boyfriend 7 months and during the first few months of the relationship I stayed at his house a lot, but recently he had been staying at my house more than I have at his mainly because of convenience since I live in the city. A close family member died a few weeks ago and last time I was at his house I was lying down thinking about things and I felt quite upset but I hid this from him by saying I wasn't well and would be going home. I don't want this to happen again but it was the birthday of the family member yesterday and I've been feeling fragile :( I don't want to sound selfish by asking him to stay at my house instead having not been to his in a while but I don't want to go and be upset either.

He has no money to actually do stuff to take my mind off it, when im at his house I normally have to find my own entertainment :/


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  • Honestly sweet you should just tell him :)
    Like 'Babe, I know I hadn't stayed at yours in a while and I want too stay round soon just I'm feeling really fragile lately what with it being the birthday of... Yesterday. That okay?'

    I'm sure he'll be perfectly understanding, hope you're okay!


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  • You should go anyway to get your mind off it. Do stuff with him. Go out.


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  • Do as you wish.
    You know give him the whys and all.
    It sounds like it should all work.

  • Just tell him that you feel really sad and it would be more comfortable for you to stay at your house because of what's happened, he should understand that