Is it true that guys gets put off by girl from a rich family?

I'm not saying i'm from a rich rich family but most of my friends says i am. Yes my parents have properties here and there, and they invest a lot on housing. I never talk about this to my friends by the way, but somehow they found out. Anyways, everytime i get close to a guy and they heard about my family from my friends they always seem to lower themself infront of me and stop pursuing me. My friends kept on telling me that the guys tells them that they afraid my parent cannot accept them bc of their financial status. But the odd thing is that the guys who parents know my parents or on the same level as my parents never seem to do this.

Im not a snob. I dont go shopping everyday spending $500-$1000 dollars like its nothing. Yes im still financially dependent on my parents, i meant cmon im still in uni.

Do you think its weird why guys acted like this towards me after finding out about my family? Is it just me or is there something wrong with them?


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  • I personally don't care how wealthy her and her family is,
    Although it usually does help on her being a little bit classier and proper. Then again in LA everyone is wild.

    Also helps that I wouldn't have to really spoil her, since she usually has what she already wants.

    Only thing that attracts me to her is her, not her background or surroundings of wealth


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  • Obviously there is no reason why a guy from average middle class family should approach you. I think.. Only friendship is possible.
    But there are many rich classy guys out there.. Why worry dude?

    • Yea true there are still many rich classy guys but its just odd for me that they pulled out after they heard about my family. I meant we could still be friends.

  • Money's intimidating for most.

  • They have fear you will reject them coz of their poverty or less wealth... Or u will behave in rude manner... Its inferiority complex..

  • If I found girl attractive that would instantly kill it because I come from a very poor background and I can't stand people bragging about shit they didn't have to work for

    • I've never brag about it. Its always my friends who are saying things like that. It really annoys me.

    • Yeah it sucks cause I wish I could go to college

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  • Perhaps you should consider changing your circle of friends, or should that be so called friends?

    They are quite obviously not doing you any favours at all, telling everyone about your personal and private affairs.

    • Most of my friends are from the same kind of family as i am. I think they just want me to have someone from the same level, so i dont get used. Possible right?

  • no it's not weird. it's just natural. I'm in the same situation but this actually makes me comfortable, because I had and have a boyfriend and don't need extra approaching from men.

    I think you just have to accept it. Also long term relationship with someone who's financially very different than you does make problems.

    • Yea i've been there. Not good at all, they kept on asking me for money and to buy them stuffs. When we go to eat i always find myself paying for it, i dont mind paying at all but not most of the time especially when we're dating.

    • yeah. the problem with wealth is that it should come with a big family. If you have a great family and connections with other families you could most probably find someone compatible inside them. But when a rich family stands by itself it is like being somehow cornered from the rest of the society.