My friend wanted to "scope" out my new bf for me?

I was not super happy about this. My friend went for a smoke break w/my new bf by herself (I don't smoke). She later told me she like's to get her friend's bf by themselves to scope them out and see if they are ok for her friend. I never freaking gave her permission to do this. I have never done this for a friend and I wouldn't do it unless I suspected cheating or abuse. Both the guy and I are adults and we could figure it out for ourselves. The topping on the cake is the fact that she gets bored w/men super easy and sees nothing wrong w/casually sleeping around w/guys that she isn't in a relationship w/. I do not trust her because I really like this guy and heck she is already seeing several men. Should I be careful w/her?


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  • If you have this kind of opinion about somebody, why are you their friend? However, it is probably just innocent, but if you really don't trust her, there is a bigger problem in your friendship than you probably want to admit.


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  • Hell yeaaaah sounds like she plannin summin n covering her tracks in advance


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