She's moved on but I still really like her?

I know I fucked up pretty bad I don't need to hear that.

My friend set me up with this girl at our school. I had a class with her so I knew who she was. We went on a date and it went well. Turns out it wasn't as awkward and she was everything I was hoping for. We went out for a second and still pretty great. We don't text because I hate texting people so maybe that's why she misinterpreted me or something. But when school started again (3 weeks after our second date) we didn't talk in school. I kissed her and we held hands on our date so I knew we both were interested in each other. My friend told me an hour age that she was done. She always made plans for us going out and I liked that she did that and I didn't have to plan. She was ranting to him on how I dont put any effort. I dont talk to her at school. And that she's just tired of chasing me its like talking to a wall. I thought she was okjay with it I didn't know I had to chase her. I thought she understood that I hate texting. And he told me she doesn't want to see me ever again because it just hurts her to know I dont put any effort and her birthday is in a few days which makes me feel worse.

What can I do to fix this?
Why didn't she tell me she had a problem?
If you were here would you forgive me for being do blunt?


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  • If you want to win her back, chase her a little. It would be good if you could text her a little. A lot of girls like to text. Personally, I don't absolutely love it, but I still use it when I really want to talk to someone. The guy I like is like you, he hates texting and doesn't even really like talking on the phone. Maybe she didn't understand and that's why she backed off. It would cool like the person said above to plan a surprise party. Just start paying more attention to her, she needs to see that you care about her. Good luck! :)


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  • Has she actually started dating someone else if not plan a birthdaybsurprise do as much as u can she will be amazed


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  • Bro you need to show her that you like her, and you've really got to show it. Start talking to her, start sitting next to her in class, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start texting her. Get over your personal vendetta against texting, because that's what's going to get you out of this hole. I'm not guaranteeing that you can bounce back, but you need to put in effort. Now more than ever. Good Luck man!