Was he serious about this or just joking?

I have asked my bf quite a few times if he has cheated on me. I have trust issues and have been cheated on in past relationships so I am scared he will. When I asked if he was sure he hasn't he said "yeah but I'm about ready too". Which only pissed me off n hurt me. But I'm sure he just said it because I ask him all the time. Do you think he was really joking like he said he was or is he serious?


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  • It is hard to tell whether he is srrious but I feel you should stop asking that qn. If I were the guy, I would feel turn off. It is clear u dont trust him and trust is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship

    • I know it's just hard :/ but I'm trying my best.


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  • I think he either meant it as just a joke, or perhaps was just saying it because he's frustrated with you being so insecure - I doubt he'd say that if he was actually planning on doing that.


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  • Most important question you have to ask yourself, Does he know about your experiences with past boyfriends? You should open up to him, tell your concerns, give him a chance to assure you he isn't cheating. And try to trust him. A relationship is built on trust. I think he might just be really fed up with it. Be careful, you are really pushing him over the edge!

    • Yes he does know about my past relationships.

  • chill girl he was just joking but only because he was frustrated by you constantly asking him. don't ask him anymore or at least ask him like once a year if you really have too. i hated it when my bf kept asking me the same thing.