Why girls love short tempered guys?

Im usually calm but i can get really angry with the least things i once hit a teacher for just pushing me , beat a smartass in the classroom and i noticed that girls love to be around me when i go rage mode, whatsapp with this?


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  • Its a turn on for girls, when guys are rebellious and just looks like they have more fun,
    girls love a rebel.


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  • I think it is immature and distasteful.
    I have a brother who gets WAY out of hand and will full on blow up in your face in a raging fit if you make him mad. He won't care where he is, or who he is with, or who is listening. Even my father has embarrassed my family and I in multiple restaurants and other public places. All my life I have had to deal with this, it is embarrassing and I hate it.

  • I think we tend to love guys who are a bit of a bad ass. A guy that knows how to fight and stands his own is attractive. It gives us girls a sense of security. We like to be and feel protective when we're with a guy. Well, at least I know I like feeling this way.

  • My boyfriend has no fuse and it bugs the shit out of me. I don't enjoy the holes in our walls from his head and fists. Its stupid.


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