Feel low in confidence, thinking about lowering my standards what do you think about my situation?

I'm 22 years old, never had a gf, my standards were higher than most guys but I felt like I was worth what I was aiming for. I've lost a lot of confidence. I'm the type of guy who would try to talk to a girl but the girl would be more interested in a friend rather than me. I get mistreated by girls I don't know when I try to talk to them. I'm a nice guy, but I get pushed around. I'm thinking about being a jerk from now on and not let women take advantage of me. Or what options can I look at? Seems like girls ask for too much now in days


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  • Well. Yes they do. They ask for way too much. I was the type of guy that would horsefly get jealous cause my friend had more girls that liked him than me. And he's not even that good looking. Don't sweat it man because eventually you'll find someone. If your standards are higher than what you look. Then that's okay. If you're shooting for perfect. Then no.. Lower it just a little. But you're doing fine man. And for being 22 you might wanna Change your age on this. It says under 18 ha.


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  • What kind of girl are you looking for? Meaning what are your standards?


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  • Step 1 lower standerds
    step 2 get easy chick
    step 3 tap that ass a few times
    step 4 self confidence boosted