Is he just as shy as I am or am I making things awkward?

Ok, so I'm dating this guy and I think he's pretty cool. I really like him and he likes me. IWe've been on about 5 dates and I'm still extremely shy, sometimes I really just want to kiss him but I don't because I'm afraid of what he might think, often end up just waiting on him to make the first move, which often leads to more awkwardness because it catches me off guard, and sometimes it'll take him almost the whole night to kiss me, I guess I'm wondering is he just as shy as I am or am I making it awkward, it's been awhile since I've dated so maybe that could be it, does anyone have any tips to kind of help us out :)


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  • He sounds shy hell get over it with time


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  • if you are with me i will kiss you...


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