What do you think: Am I being too much of a scaredy cat and or picky with guys taking an interest in me?

With the guys I Want to be interested in me I'm extra shy, reserved and closed off almost as if I don't like him at all. I'm just scared that when he gets to know me better that he'll lose interest completely & disappear.

With the guys I don't want near me I'm friendly because I'm not into them & can act as my normal self. They always like me more even though I try to make it clear I'm not interested in dating but I wouldn't mind a friendship.

I'm thinking maybe I should give these guys a chance at romance or stop being so afraid of rejection & show interest in the guys I pretend don't exist instead of secretly admiring from afar.


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  • Either way you're a scared, to take a chance

    He might reject you so what and you might actually like the guy who you thought that you wouldn't


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  • Give both a try and see what happens I guess

  • Don't falsely lead the guy on just to see if there might bessomething that's wasting time. Pretend every guy is regular and act your normal friendly self