Is this relationship destined to end? Is it possible to continue over this obstacle?

I am currently dating a guy who I REALLY like. We've only been together for a few weeks, but we are progressing amazingly well. I had liked him for a long time before we made it an official relationship. He is about to move away at the end of the school year to attend college in North Dakota, and I'm in Colorado. Is it at all logical to try to keep a relationship going if he is going up to college? I feel like it would make since to try if we had been dating for a year or more, but by the time he leaves, we will have been dating for around 7ish months (assuming we stay together of course). My boyfriend is more of the conservative computer nerd. I'm his second girlfriend, and his first girlfriend lasted a week. I just feel like our personal lives are leading us in opposite directions. I want to go to college in Montana, so we will be permanently separated as far as I can see. Is there any way to stay together if he leaves me?


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  • You can try for a long distance relationship. They are hard but not impossible.

  • If both are you are fully committed to each other then a long distance relationship may suffice.


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