Guys: what's the best way a girl can ask you out over text? And, how do you feel when a girl asks you to hang out?

I wasn't interested in him at first, now I am. He got discouraged and stopped trying with me, but I am now completely in like with him, and I'm looking for a non-clingy, relaxed way to ask him out over text.

As for the 2nd question, I'd really just like to catch up, hang out, then maybe see a movie or something. Is asking him to hang out a bad idea? How do guys feel about just hanging out with a girl at his apartment?

Sorry, let me explain more clearly, I do like him in a romantic way, but I'd like to casually hang out.


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  • I prefer a call.

    It depends on my relationship with the girl.


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  • ask to go to the movies, hiking, coffee, literally anything casual is fine. i don't feel weird about it. and no its not weird even if it came out of nowhere. totally fine.

  • When a girl asks me to do something, I ALWAYS assume it's just "hanging out" unless she specifies it's a date. Make sure your intentions are known.

  • You can say hey do you want to hang out or go watch a movie with me sometime or something like that. When a girl asks me if I want to hang out with her, I feel great.


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